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Los Angeles Rams at New England Patriots Week 13 Win-Loss Predictions

If the Los Angeles Rams hope to stop a six-game losing skid, they’ll have to travel cross country and best the New England Patriots

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

With all of the off-field drama swirling around the Los Angeles Rams organization right now, some may have forgotten that there’s actually a football game to be played this week.

In Week 13, the Rams (4-7) make a trip across the country to Foxboro where they’ll take on the AFC East leading New England Patriots (9-2). For issues both on and off the field for the Rams, it should come as no surprise that the Patriots are the heavy favorites to win this one.

The Rams have surprised us in the past though, heading into a superior opponents house and walking away the victor. The formula, if that is to happen, is the same as it has been: play stout defense, keep the game close, and don’t make mistakes on offense.

The Patriots will be without the most dominant tight end in football, Rob Gronkowski, as he begins the road to recovery from a back surgery performed on Friday. The last time these two teams faced off - the London game in 2012 - Gronk chewed the Rams’ defense up to the tune of eight catches, 146 yards, and two scores.

Can the Rams put an end to their six game slide by getting a surprise win against the Patriots this Sunday? The Turf Show Times staff make their predictions...

BMule (@_BMule)

The Patriots are going to slaughter Jeff Fisher's Rams. The Patriots are the superior team from top to bottom. Let the excuses fly.

Prediction: Patriots Win, 38-7

RamBuck (@lannyosu)

Two words: Tom Brady. Heard of him? He's a pretty good QB, and it doesn't seem to matter who the other 10 guys are. I think the Rams' defense is struggling to stop the run, and limit silly penalties. On offense, Goff will throw for a TD, but if you think that Belichick can't solve this offense, then we need to talk. Now.

Prediction: Patriots Win, 28-10

Blaine Grisak (@bxgrisak1993)

Jeff Fisher has been outscored 104-7 in his last two meetings against Belichick and the Patriots. A 104-7 final score in this one wouldnt surprise me.

Prediction: Patriots Win, 56-13

Eric Nagel (@Eric_nagel)

Let's be real. Belichick is the anti-Fisher. I can see a shocking win in the Rams future, but not against the Patriots.

Prediction: Patriots Win, 38-17

QBKlass (@QBKlass)

The Patriots may be without Gronk, but they are still the much better team, not to mention they are incredibly well coached. The Rams front seven should have a nice day against the Patriots offensive line, but that's not going to be enough. The Patriots are a team that can and will win by killing you with 10,000 paper cuts.

Prediction: Patriots Win, 24-17

Eddie Perez (@iAmEddieP_)

Patriots gonna give a good ass whoopin'

Prediction: Patriots Win, 35-6

Mike Dietrich (@dvond)

Everything looks bad for the Rams. There is bad mojo everywhere, but Belichick feels bad for them, plays it close to the vest and Fisher gets the moral victory as the Pats beats the Rams.

Prediction: Patriots Win, 24-13.

Elijah Kim (@TST_Eli)

With the Rams in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons, the Patriots will be "business as usual" and wreck the clearly inferior team. While the Rams offense showed some signs of life against the Saints, the defense didn't come to play at all. Look for Tom Brady and Co. to dominate the Rams as Jeff Fisher looks for more excuses regarding this upcoming loss (probably the Eric Dickerson thing being a distraction after saying it wasn't). God help our team.

Prediction: Patriots Win, 35-10

Misone (@MightyOrMisone)

Patriots vs A Jeff Fisher lead Rams team. I got my money on the Rams being the Rams. What does that mean you ask, simple, they tend to play the best opponents as well as anyone. But that won't be the case with fhe Patriots as bilichick is simply just better than Fisher. They'll play hard, but ultimately Brady will carve up this secondary and Blount will be hard to tackle. And let's not forgot the patriots underrated defense. Goff please don't let one hang up there, as McCourtey or Butler will surely capitalize. My money is also on chris long getting to the rook once or twice. Could be the Rams d line best game so far this year though. I find it interesting that when they get rid of long the line isn't as good as it was, he brought more to the table than people think and he'll be out to prove this.

Prediction: Patriots Win, 34-13

seattlerams (@seattlerams_nfl)

The Rams are 1-6 over their last seven, are one of the worst five teams in the NFL and are starting a rookie QB against Bill Belichick in Gillette Stadium. This is when #FisherBall rears its ugly head.

Prediction: Rams Win, 15-14

Sean Wilkinson (@Papa_Lurch)

Bill Belicheck is the Anti-Jeff Fisher. His teams are always prepared and execute on game day.

It will show on Sunday.

Prediction: Patriots Win, 34-10


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Prediction: Patriots win, 6-3

Brandon Bate (@NoPlanB_)

Prediction: Patriots Win, 31-6