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SI’s Greg Bedard Pegs Sean Payton As “Best Fit” For L.A. Rams Coaching Job

It’ll probably be a few weeks before the Rams sign a new head coach. Who’s the best fit?

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With one week remaining in the 2016 NFL regular season, three NFL teams are already in need of a new head coach. And there are probably a few more to follow.

As it stands, the Los Angeles Rams, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Buffalo Bills are currently spending their time window shopping for a shiny new head coach for the 2017 season. And with Jeff Fisher, Gus Bradley, and Rex Ryan out of the way, these teams have more than a few viable options to pick from.

And in mid-January, several names - to include current and former NFL coaches, coordinators, and college coaches - will start to fall off the list of pluck-able replacements.

The Rams job, in the eyes of many, may be the most coveted amongst potential suitors. The Rams recently moved back to L.A., they have several very talented young players, and Stan Kroenke doesn’t mind dishing out the paycheck while staying silent all the while.

Over at Sports Illustrated, Greg Bedard provided some insight on which potential head coach candidates make the best fit for teams currently (and possibly) in search of a new head coach.

For the Rams, it was current New Orleans Saints’ coach Sean Payton. He’s shown he can run a high-powered offense (the Rams have not), he’s got family in Southern California, and...well, it sounds as if the Saints won’t be asking for much in the way of a trade, which is good, because the Rams don’t have much to give.

Bedard’s two cents:

He’s had a successful 11-year run with the Saints (including a Super Bowl win), but after three-straight losing seasons, plus Drew Brees nearing the end of his contract/career, instability with the ownership and a team mired in salary-cap hell, it’s a good time for Payton to move on and start fresh. The question is, what kind of compensation would the Saints want in return? After the Goff trade, the Rams have limited draft resources, but perhaps second-round picks the next two years could do the deal. As an added bonus for Payton, he could fire defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who pointed the finger at Payton in the bounty scandal that cost Payton a year on the sidelines and millions in salary.

The fit sounds good. The compensation however...

My Take

One second round pick almost sounds like a stretch, considering the Saints were recently rumored to not be asking for much in the way of trade compensation.

Two picks, however, sounds a bit much considering the Saints still need a win in Week 17 in order to get to 7-9...for the third straight year.

Oh yeah, and Rapoport also reported the Saints were open to trading Payton early in 2016. And they didn’t even want two second round picks at that point...

Color me interested. But let’s talk more about late round picks, or moving some players who may free up some cap space for the team in Los Angeles.