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Week 17 Broadcast Map

The Los Angeles Rams will complete their dismal 2016 regular season by hosting the Arizona Cardinals at the Coliseum Sunday afternoon.

Courtesy of 506 Sports, here is your Week 17 broadcast map:

Red: New York Giants at Washington Redskins

Blue: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons

Green: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams

Yellow: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers

In the never ending battle for southern California’s attention, the Rams are in an interesting spot. The map above is for the FOX late games. The CBS late games are putting the San Diego Chargers in direct competition with the Rams. Given the fact that the Chargers may very well be joining the Rams in LA next season, this will be an interesting exhibition into which team can pull more viewers in that market.

The other area to watch is the real estate between San Francisco and Los Angeles, which the Rams seem to be losing ground on. Forget about Rams Owner Stan Kroenke’s global ambitions, they’re still fighting for their home market and a 4-11 record isn’t helping matters.