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NFL Week 17 Power Rankings Roundup for the Los Angeles Rams

Not much power. Not quite rock bottom.

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San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Here’s a compilation of the NFL’s power rankings for the Los Angeles Rams (4-11) heading into their final game of the 2016 season.

ESPN - Ranked 31

Jared Goff is 0-6 as a starter this season. Johnny Manziel (2014) is the only first-round rookie QB to go winless with multiple starts since 1995. Goff looks to avoid that dubious distinction against the Cardinals in Week 17.

Sports Illustrated - Ranked 31

This has been a year fit for government conspiracies, so here’s one more: The Rams are no longer an NFL franchise but rather an undercover outfit ought to destroy America’s desire to watch football, one major city at a time. St. Louis has fallen. Los Angeles is next.

Washington Post - Ranked 29

The league said it was going to put an NFL team in Los Angeles this season. Instead, it sent the Rams.

Bleacher Report - Ranked 30

Calling Los Angeles’ offense bad would be an insult to bad offenses everywhere.

Remember: L.A. was facing the poster child for blown assignments in Week 16. But Todd Gurley managed only 67 rushing yards against the 49ers. Jared Goff never mounted a real drive—just two short ones set up by turnovers and a Tavon Austin speed reverse. He completed only 11 passes.

L.A.’s first season back home has been an unmitigated offensive disaster. It’ll all be over soon.

Looking forward: Losing to Arizona would secure L.A. a better draft pi…never mind.

CBS Sports - Ranked 29

Who will be the new coach is all that matters now. They don't have as much talent as some would make you think either.

Sporting News - Ranked 28

Los Angeles hasn’t seen much development from Jared Goff, and now Rams coaches have seen some regression, too. That offensive-minded new head coach can’t come soon enough.

USA Today - Ranked 29

The latest example L.A. must hire an offensive-minded coach? Rams managed just 177 total yards on Saturday against San Francisco’s league worst D.