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Week 16 Recap Reaction: Rams Give Away Another Lead

The Rams give up 14 point lead in 4th Quarter.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams
Jared Goff remains victory less in his young NFL career.
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams drop another game in the closing minute of a close game as the 49ers sweep them in their two meetings. Despite 21 points being scored by Todd Gurley, Tavon Austin, and a Jared Goff - Tyler Higbee connection, the Rams found a way to squander their largest lead of the season.

The Rams gave up a 14 point lead with 10:32 left in the game, similar to the meltdown against the Dolphins. Similar to Jeff Fisher “knowing his division” fashion, Chip Kelly knows how to beat the Rams, clearly evident by his lone victories coming against them. Despite not having much of his offensive weapons, Colin Kaepernick tore up the Rams in the fourth quarter, leading San Francisco to their second victory of the season.

Jared Goff continues to search for his first career NFL victory, as the Rams continue to find new ways to lose games, including a couple of unacceptable collapses by the allegedly “good” defense of the Rams that ranked 11th in YPG and 20th in PPG (granted the offense gives opposing teams a lot of good opportunities).

Perhaps the worst part of the game was the reaction of Gregg Williams as the 49ers drove down the field twice in their last two possessions to score touchdowns. He looked like he didn’t give a damn about this team after his friend left. For those clamoring for Williams to keep his job, may this game and the Miami game be a nice reminder that maybe this “defensive minded” team isn’t all that good on either side of the ball. Just because one is an absolute dumpster fire and the other is marginally better doesn’t mean the better is “good”/ “great” / “better”.

The Rams have one more game against the Cardinals, who will look to avenge their early season loss to the 4-11 Rams. May it come quickly, painlessly, and mercifully.