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Random Ramsdom 12/21: Pro Bowling

The Rams had their two best players selected to the 2017 Pro Bowl. They aren't the first, or likely the last, Pro Bowls that Aaron Donald and Johnny Hekker have been selected to.

Doug Benc/Getty Images

Donald and Hekker headed to Pro Bowl again - LA Times

These guys are good, folks.

Rams anticipate to have Goff for this week - ESPN

The franchise QB was in concussion protocol after he bonked his head. He should be good to go.

Rams hope hard work turns into touchdowns - Yahoo

Gotta start somewhere.

Rams considering promoting Mannion - NFL

The human third string QB could find himself playing meaningful snaps very soon.

Does Jon Gruden love Jared Goff? - Yahoo

Is it fair to wonder if Gruden will take the Rams job based solely off of Jared Goff?

Even the FAA can beat the Rams - Bloomberg

We talkin' bout cranes?

Rob Boras knows time as coordinator may come to an end - LA Daily

Rams return to LA - LA Times

A recap of the Rams triumphant return to LA. Ram it!

Rams opponent profile: 49ers - CBS

These aren't the 49ers old LA fans remember. They are not good.

Paul Chryst says no way he takes Rams job - Yahoo

Cool story. Also: who is Paul Chryst?

Famous guy Taran Killam loves the Rams - Rams

His ugly Rams X-Mas sweater is scoring TDs. Is your favorite player scoring too?