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Sean Mannion Could Start if Goff Can’t Clear Concussion Protocol

It seems that Interim Coach John Fassel doesn’t look at the depth chart at QB in the same way that former coach Jeff Fisher did.

NFL: International Series-Los Angeles Rams Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the first nine weeks of the 2016 NFL season, fans of the Los Angeles Rams had to suffer Jeff Fisher trotting out Case Keenum as the starter at QB. Fisher even went as far as to have Goff not dress for the Rams week 1 match-up against the San Francisco 49ers - ceding the backup role to Sean Mannion.

The following week against the Seattle Seahawks, Goff replaced Mannion as Keenum’s primary backup and that’s the last we’ve heard about this human.

Fast forward a few months and Keenum has been benched, Fisher has been fired (HOORAY), and Goff is in the concussion protocol. In the past, the Rams would have just thrown Keenum back to the wolves, but it seems that they’re considering giving Mannion a shot in the final few games.

Mannion got some reps in yesterday’s practice and here is what interim coach John Fassel had to say regarding that decision.

"Case has performed well when required," Rams interim coach John Fassel said, "but it would be good for the team to get a look at Sean and see what he can do if pressed into service by necessity."

Now that sounds more like they are preparing for Mannion to be the backup next week as opposed to the starter, but with Jared Goff’s status up in the air it’s tough to say.

What I think is safe to say is that Fassel values Mannion more than Fisher ever did - and that he sees the obvious limitations of Keenum.

Mannion may finally be getting his chance over the final two weeks of the season - in the form of an audition to be next year’s backup .