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Random Ramsdom 12/20: Random Coach Ideas

The Rams prepare against the 49ers with coaching candidate rumors coming to life.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Saints Payton in Rams Mix? | Washington Post

With the Rams vacancy, is there a Sean Payton to LA Possibility?

Jeff Fisher Wants Revenge | Fox Sports

In “perfect scenario”, Rams former coach Jeff Fisher would want to play the Rams

Top Names Connected to Rams | GameNGuide

The top coaching candidates are getting linked to the Rams

49ers Open as Underdogs to Rams | CBS Sports

Despite embarrassing the Rams on opening weekend, the 49ers open as underdogs against the 4-10 Rams

Jeff Fisher Supports Jared Goff Still | Mercury News

Jeff Fisher still believes Goff will be a “franchise quarterback” despite rumors of him not wanting to draft him

Would Gruden Come to LA? | Yahoo Sports

Would Jon Gruden leave his TV gig to coach the Rams? Don’t forget his love for Goff from his Gruden’s QB Camp show.

What the 4-10 Rams are Playing For | ESPN

The Rams aren’t playing for too much, expect a continued dominance of Aaron Donald, maybe getting Todd Gurley on track, and developing Goff.....