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Rams Withering Under Bright Lights of LA

Winning over Hollywood is proving to be quite the challenge

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams have a major image issue - and image is everything in LA. Over the past few weeks, details have started to shed light on the extent of the culture issue within the Rams organization.

The first major media recognition of this issue was by Sports Illustrated on 8 December. The rift between Head Coach Jeff Fisher and GM Les Snead had been widely known among league circles and Rams fans had their suspicions as well, but SI went all-in. They called the atmosphere at Rams Headquarters ‘toxic’, ‘dysfunctional’, and referred to it as similar to ‘Junior High.’

Less than a week later, after last week’s stomping at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons, Todd Gurley laid it all out on the line. Among other things, he questioned teammates efforts - a big no no with Coach Fisher.

On Monday, during the press conference (transcript) to announce that Jeff Fisher would be replace by interim coach John Fassel, you had Kevin Demoff say as plainly as he could that 7 wins would have kept Fisher and his unending mediochrity employed. Which was a very bad look for the team and Stan Kroenke - who’s own issues with prioritizing winning are well documented.

Then this morning there were a pair of new stories out there. First you had former Rams CB Janoris Jenkins making headlines for spilling the beans on Rams Owner Stan Kroenke. Apparently Kroenke doesn’t want to interact with all of his employees......

You also had ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez with this from WR Tavon Austin.

"It’s very tough here," the Rams' receiver said. "Your rope is very short. I can say that. Your rope is very short. But that’s how I like it, though. L.A. needs to be winners. And that’s where it starts. Us knowing the pressure is on, we have to pick up our stuff."

It has indeed proven to be very tough on the Rams. The homecoming has been over for a good long while now, and it seems that they’re already starting to lose the supposedly rejuvenated LA fan base.

When you consider that San Diego Chargers owner Dean Spanos seem to be inching up I-5 towards LA with each passing day, the Rams don’t have the luxury of time to fix this issue. If they want to truly win the fans over they need to fix this issue.

Winning football games would be a pretty decent way to start.