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LA Rams At Seattle Seahawks: Report Card Condemns Both Sides

Detention looms.

Los Angeles Rams At Seattle Seahawks
Los Angeles Rams At Seattle Seahawks
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D grade

This was QB Jared Goff’s worst NFL game IMO, but he had a ton of factors working against him. The drops were abysmal. The offensive line was abysmal. And the snowball effect was quite clear. Things could have gone well early, and who knows what might have happened. If WR Mike Thomas doesn’t have the Drop of the Year, if Goff and WR Brian Quick connect on a wide open end zone play, maybe things develop differently.

They didn’t. Things started out bad and ended up worse with Goff going 13/25 for 135 yards and leaving in the concussion protocol after being sacked four times and taking eight QB hits.


D+ grade

RB Just Todd Gurley had a nice run where he drew the linebacker spy inside and then kicked out to the sideline to pick up 22 yards.

On his 13 other carries, he gained 16 yards.

The Rams’ run game is fundamentally and comprehensively broken.

We’ll talk quite a bit this offseason about the importance of the Los Angeles Rams’ next head coach and the staff he assembles developing a system for Goff’s strengths and then coaching his technique to match his skill set. But perhaps nearly as important is developing a functional run game to take advantage of Gurley’s skills.


F grade

Kenny Britt needs 13 yards to become the Rams first 1,000-yard receiver since Torry Holt in 2007. It would be Britt’s first season to meet the mark in his eight NFL year, his third with the Rams. He’s on a one-year contract.

The Rams are in a desperate spot at wideout with Goff heading into his second year without a reliable wideout corps or a sufficient O-line to protect him.


F grade

Any other year in any other situation, tight end would be a factorable need going into next year. For the Rams, they might have to sit tight and maybe pluck a UDFA or depth FA signing to go with what they have. Other positions are much more important.

Speaking of...


F grade

Do the Rams have any offensive linemen they feel comfortable relying on?


A- grade

In the absence of DE Robert Quinn who’s done for the year, I thought the defensive line did a fine job. QB Russell Wilson wasn’t offered a play scheme that included deep plays because of the threat of the pass rush which nonetheless flushed him out regularly. And the corridors in the run game were very tight for RB Thomas Rawls.

You can’t win many football games 9-3 like the Rams did over the Seahawks in Week 2. This was clearly a game in which the Seahawks were able to wear down the Rams’ defense over time because the Rams’ offense was so wildly horrible. The defensive line did their part.


B+ grade

Not a bad game in the middle, but such an understaffed group. Hell, we even got a Bryce Hager sighting!

The question I’m struggling with is can this group get by another year with just UDFA/depth FA additions assuming Josh Forrest comes back? They could be the soft spot to exploit in 2017.


C grade

Yesterday was a look into a really bad potential future. CB Trumaine Johnson is on a franchise tag. CB E.J. Gaines was out injured yet again dealing with his third various lower body ailment of 2016.

The Seahawks took aim at Gaines’ substitute, Mike Jordan, to much success. That allowed them to work some variety in against Tru throughout the game. And yes, the Troy Hill play should be burned into your mind.

The Rams are one cornerback from all of this being permanent for 2017. If we can’t re-sign Trumaine Johnson or keep Gaines healthy, there’s a risk of a Troy Hill-Mike Jordan cornerback combo a year from now save for any potential rookie from the 2017 NFL Draft.


C minus grade/

The punts weren’t fall-crisp perfect, and the fake punt was...look, I hope children weren’t watching. Is the bigger issue that the 2016 Rams’ brand of football requires perfection from their special teams every week? Yes. Was it still uncomfortable for P Johnny Hekker last night in a hometown performance? Sadly, yes. No worries that he’ll return to form, but it wasn’t a great look on TNF.


B grade/

Look, the fake didn’t work and the fourth down calls didn’t work and sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes it eats you. But the downfield playcall to Mike Thomas early? That playcall didn’t drop the ball. The playcall to scrape Brian Quick open in the endzone? That playcall didn’t screw it up. I don’t blame IHC John Fassel too much for the grade. He tried some stuff and it failed, but that’s just not on him.