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LA Rams At Seattle Seahawks: Live Open Thread

A long walk into the night begins.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Two and a half weeks from now on Monday, January 2, the USC Trojans will be taking on the Penn State Nittany Lions in the 2017 Rose Bowl.

The Los Angeles Rams' season will already be over, a sad stain on what could have been a celebration of the Rams' return to LA. Instead, it will be remembered for the dysfunction that came with the franchise, the mismanagement overseen by Former Head Coach Jeff Fisher. The confused process of trading up for QB Jared Goff then sitting him for months only to roll him out into a four-game losing streak (and we'll be able to modify that last phrase with whatever results we get in this final run).

Tonight, we begin to cap this season off with a three-game final act to be overseen by a provisionary head coach in John Fassel who is being asked to stretch the early definitions of Goff's and RB Todd Gurley's careers into a new era of Rams football on behalf of a director as yet unappointed.

What to make of this trio of games? Does effort matter? A professionalism of a spirit among the players that Rams football matters, regardless of circumstance? Is it a free opportunity to promote newer players, a relatively consequence-free zone to throw WRs Pharoh Cooper and Mike Thomas and TEs Tyler Higbee and Temarrick Hemingway more targets? Is it a Jared Goff Development Only Zone to see what other kind of offensive schemes he might be able to operate with more aplomb than Fisherball's ultraconservativism?

Ultimately, tomorrow (the concept, not the day) is much, much, much more important than today (the concept and the day). Until then, this is all we have.

And it's not much.