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GM Les Snead Will Help The Rams Find Their New Head Coach

With Jeff Fisher out as the Rams' head coach, could Les Snead be the savior of the Rams? Oh, helping lead the search does not mean that he will return as the GM next season, but he could...just maybe.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the Los Angeles Rams firing Former Head Coach Jeff Fisher, it made sense that his general manager would eventually follow him out the door. Not so fast:

There is a chance that Snead will not return, but right now the only hunt that the Rams are going on will be to find a head coach not to find a general manager.

The decision to keep or fire Snead will come down to since that decision would be made by the future head coach, he could return especially if he helps recruit the new coach. It wouldn't be a surprise if Snead stays for at least this season, him and his scouts have been scouting players and he could help a new coach ease into the organization.

Who could the Rams hire as a head coach? The popular choices so far appear to be ESPN Monday Night Football Analyst and former head coach Jon Gruden, former Rams and current New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, and of course a few popular college coaches.