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Random Ramsdom 12/15: Fisher-less Rams Set to Play the Seahawks on Thursday Night Football

The Los Angeles Rams, on a short week and without Jeff Fisher, are in Seattle to take on the rival Seahawks on Thursday night.

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Rams Hope to Put Turmoil Aside on Thursday | L.A. Times

Talk about a cold business. Three days after their coach was fired — and four days after suffering a humiliating defeat in front of booing home fans — the Rams will play Thursday night in 30-degree temperatures against a perennial playoff team on a mission to secure a first-round postseason bye.

Rams Travel to Seattle on Short Week Without Fisher | ESPN

Short week, on the road, in the game’s most hostile environment, just after letting go of your head coach. This is the Los Angeles Rams’ reality.

Fisher is Gone as Head Coach; What About GM Les Snead? | ESPN

The Los Angeles Rams had essentially moved on by Tuesday afternoon, with more than 24 hours separating them from the firing of Jeff Fisher.

Rams Must Shift Focus Quickly After Fisher’s Firing | CBS Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Rams barely had time to process the news that head coach Jeff Fisher was being fired before starting preparations to play the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday night.

Fisher’s Firing is Latest Bump in Goff’s Turbulent Rookie Season | O.C. Regsiter

First, the Rams surrounded Jared Goff’s career in bubble wrap and carefully placed it on a shelf for a couple months. Now, they’ve unwrapped it and are about to dangle it over a snake pit.

Goff Downplays Potential Setback in Development | ESPN

One of the central questions in regard to the Los Angeles Rams’ firing of Jeff Fisher is how coaching turnover could stunt Jared Goff’s growth.

Al Michaels Recalls His First Trip to the Coliseum in 1958 | L.A. Times

The date and crowd count from the first Los Angeles Rams game Al Michaels attended are etched in the broadcaster’s brain like his wedding anniversary and Social Security number.

Josh McDaniels: “My Attention is Going to Stay Right Here” | CBS Boston

Josh McDaniels recently voiced his interest in becoming an NFL head coach again – even in New England – but that doesn’t mean a mid-season vacancy would deter him from focusing on the Patriots.