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Former LA Rams CB Dwayne Gratz Signs With Philadelphia Eagles

After a short spell with the Rams, the former third-round pick will lean on a two-year deal with Philadelphia.

Former Los Angeles Rams CB Dwayne Gratz
Former Los Angeles Rams CB Dwayne Gratz
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Former Los Angeles Rams CB Dwayne Gratz has signed a two-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Gratz came aboard the Rams’ roster in the wake of the Coty Sensabaugh>Troy Hill turnover. Sensabaugh’s release left open space for a cornerback, and the Rams grabbed Gratz off of waivers as a former third-round pick for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2013 NFL Draft coming out of Connecticut. He lasted about a month with the Rams before a wave of transactions that saw Gratz and Hill out as Mike Jordan came in.

Gratz played just two defensive snaps to go with 22 special teams plays.

He now joins an Eagles secondary backstopped by former Ram FS Rodney McLeod who joined Philly in the 2016 Free Agency period on a massive five-year, $37m deal.

After a strong 3-0 early start behind rookie QB Carson Wentz, the Eagles are now 5-8 and out of the NFC playoff picture.