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Nick Wagoner: Failure to Adapt Cost Jeff Fisher his Job

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New England Patriots
But I’m THIS CLOSE to the record
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Nick Wagoner spent four years covering Jeff Fisher’s Rams prior to those duties being handed to Alden Gonzalez this past offseason. During his time covering the team, Wagoner had the pleasure of watching Fisher implement outdated offensive philosophies. That stubbornness was a contributing factor to what ultimately led to his firing yesterday.

The article isn’t that long and I encourage all of you to take the five minutes needed to read it. Here’s the part that stuck most with me.

Some might view Fisher’s attempts to make changes at offensive coordinator as a willingness to alter his approach. But even when he went searching for new coordinators, he had trouble getting anyone of note to interview, let alone consider making the move.

The outside concern was an obvious fear that working for Fisher would mean being beholden to his outdated offense and ending up out of a job, perhaps even before Fisher himself.

It’s why Fisher ended up promoting the likes of quarterback coach Frank Cignetti and tight end coach Rob Boras to the job. It wasn’t so much that Fisher didn’t want to hire from outside as he was unable to land an attractive candidate who would be given the freedom to upgrade and update the offense.

This is old news for Rams fans. Collectively, we called for Brian Schottenheimer to be fired. Little did we know that he was doing a pretty good job. Frank Cignetti and Rob Boras have failed spectacularly since Schotty was canned - and Jeff Fisher is the reason why.

I won’t steal Wagoner’s thunder, but Fisher’s fingerprints are all over the Rams offense - and his failure to adapt was a key component in him losing his job.