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Kevin Demoff is Still Kevin Demoff

He might have been the one to fire Jeff Fisher, but don’t think for a second that he’s being completely up front and honest with fans.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a huge day for Rams fans. Jeff Fisher was finally canned and fans can finally look forward without worry about their favorite team continuing behind a perpetually mediocre coach.

It’s not everyday that fans get to see Kevin Demoff in the spotlight at a press conference. For those who didn’t read the transcript of the presser, there were quite a few very interesting tidbits that provided some insight into both the structure and culture of the Los Angeles Rams.

Take a look:

Stan will have some clear viewpoints on where we’re headed as well and set the direction and the tone.

I have zero issues with an owner having some say in who they are employing. But this is starting to look more and more like a Jerry Jones situation where Kroenke wants to ‘set the direction and tone’. Which in and of itself is cool. But when looked at in the bigger picture, it’s clear that Kroenke is dong more than setting the direction and tone.

Stan and I talked last night. We started talking this morning. Again, about the criteria that he wants for the next leader.

Looks like Stan wants to set the criteria as well.

I think what we need to do is find the right person for this organization. A person who believes in Stan’s vision, who has the tools and resources to help us win, and someone we can build long-term around.

The next coach also has to believe in Stan’s vision. It’s obvious that Kroenke is calling all of the shots here. And when you consider his wavering (at best) commitment to winning - that should be concerning to Rams fans.

When it comes to the decision to fire Fisher, that also fell to the owner’s discretion.

I think we (Demoff and Kroenke) talked about it at length last night. These are never the kinds of decisions you want to make easier, and I think he (Kroenke) really wanted to sleep on it and discuss it again this morning.

Aside from delivering the news that Jeff Fisher had been replaced by John Fassel, this press conference also made one more thing clear: All major decisions run through Stan Kroenke.


When it came to discussing the determining factors for firing Fisher, it was the same old company line from Demoff.

I think it’ll be easy to say that (off the field drama) played into it. I think what that overlooks is the fact that all that is generated off the won-loss record.

Then what’s this???? (This is from the same press conference by the way)

And I’ve said time and time again, that you can’t just look at this year through the prism of the won-loss record, there are going to be some challenges that came with the relocation year and I think that was always our mindset going in.

And then there’s this

I think, absolutely on record, I would be the first to say we’ve always been on the record about Jeff saying there is more than win-loss here. But, I think that should never be construed as the win-loss doesn’t matter. I think we always look at it as they’re going to be ups and downs this year, and it was not just about win-loss.

I don’t even know how to interpret that statement so I’ll attempt to give Demoff the benefit of the doubt here.

Spoiler: it won’t last long....

I think had we finished the year 8-8, 7-9, in that range, I think we all would have understood some of the challenges that went with that.

Just to be clear... ‘it was not just about win-loss’ but something along the lines of 7-8 wins would be acceptable in year 5. Demoff and Kroenke were willing to put up with #7and9bullshit. Hell - if you take the time to read it - there were plenty of references to the Rams being ‘competitive’ and that being enough to sate the organizational brass.

I think it would be a mistake to say that anybody in the building is guaranteed to come back next year

Except you, Kevin. I think you’ve kissed enough ass to stick around.