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Jeff Fisher Got Fired When He Ran Out of Excuses

When current and former RBs Todd Gurley AND Eric Dickerson call you out? Game over man. Game. Over.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

It’s done! The clown coach is gone. Finally. Let it sink in. Let it sink in. I know everyone is excited (is that not a big enough of word for this moment? jubilant? Over-the-moon...even though that isn’t a word), but how did we get here?

Seriously, how did the Rams and their former Supreme Overlord Jeff Fisher part ways? I’ll give you a hint - less than 24 hours after their embarrassing loss to the Atlanta Falcons, the organization canned him. Interesting timing?

It wasn’t after the absolute firestorm that erupted when someone leaked that Jeff Fisher had received a two-year extension.

It wasn’t after Eric Dickerson tweeted to anyone who would listen about a coach who kicked him off the sideline.

It wasn’t after the front office called the coaching staff ‘junior high,’ in it’s endeavors.

But it was RIGHT AFTER the team finally, finally gave up on #Fisherball. These last three losses were so terrible that the Rams ultimately had no chance, no excuse to give to keep Fisher around.

This last month, the Rams losses were complete and total failures. When a team loses so completely, the problems are rooted much deeper than a missed block or tackle. So when you see players at a loss for words, you know it’s reached critical mass.

What I’m referencing, of course, is Gurley’s nuclear bomb that detonated in the post-game presser following Sunday’s 12-42 destruction via the Atlanta Falcons. When your star player (the one you ENDLESSLY promoted in your move back to Los Angeles) tells the world the team is, “just going through the motions,” you have a BIG problem. If Gurley was willing to say that publicly, you can only imagine how ugly this was behind closed doors.

Jeff Fisher’s stewardship of the team (and I use that word specifically) was purely meant to get the Rams to the Inglewood-NFL-temple of tomorrow. To merely keep the team going just long enough, to sell just enough hope, that the money would flow in. Ultimately, that was too much for Kroenke to sell.

Cheers to Eric Dickerson. Cheers to Les Snead, who for now, appears to have won whatever struggle existed between himself and Fisher.

But don’t forget - if (and in the Rams case, when) shit hits the’ve still got to clean it up.

And we as fans are ready for it to get cleaned up.