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Eric Dickerson Follows Michigan HC Jim Harbaugh, Fuels Speculation Over Rams Vacant Gig

Speculation emerges as “Voice of the Rams Fans” follows Michigan HC and former San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.

Look who Eric Dickerson is following....

Unless you have lived under a rock today, the Rams officially have parted ways with former head coach, Jeff Fisher.

With Fassel allegedly taking over as interim head coach, questions remain on who the Rams are potentially targeting for the permanent position.

With the news, people have already speculated that Jim Harbaugh would entertain a job back in the NFL. It would be a huge splash for a Rams organization to be considered for a candidate with the respect/pedigree of Harbaugh.

Former Rams RB Eric Dickerson, the self-proclaimed “Voice of Rams Fans,” was recently on a radio show with Harbaugh, but when Dickerson followed Harbaugh on Twitter recently, it put NFL fans around the world in a frenzy. Michigan fans are already replying with words of bitterness, denial, and disbelief to the rumors.

Like friend of Jeff Fisher and Turf Show Times has said....

#PositiveWeek to the fullest. Jeff Fisher is no longer the coach of the Rams.

May he be successful as rumor has it that he is about to seal a deal to coach the Baltimore Colts.

For now, there’s at least a little extra fuel on the Jim Harbaugh-Rams fire...