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What Firing Jeff Fisher Means for the 2016 Rams

It comes as an extreme relief to fans, but what does it mean for the remaining three games in 2016?




Goodbye Jeff Fisher. You brought the Rams from the depths of averaging 3 wins a year to unending mediochrity. That has its merits, but not even Fisher could survive losing eight out of nine in the fashion that the Rams did.

The Rams have been downright lackadaisical and not competitive in the slightest over the past three weeks. And that proved to be the nail in the coffin for Fisher.

Special Teams coach John Fassel will become the interim head coach for the remainder of the 2016 season. The promotion is well deserved and comes as a bit of a surprise when there are several other coaches with Head Coaching experience on the Rams staff.

Fassel was chosen over Gregg Williams and that in and of itself is a statement. This team is built on Williams’ (supposedly) stifling defense. But instead of promoting Williams, the Rams chose Fassel and are giving him a chance to extend the excellence of his special teams units to the team as a whole.

The Rams close the 2016 campaign with three divisional games starting with Thursday’s matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. Fassel will have three games to show that Jeff Fisher was the problem and that he can get these Rams to win in the division. If he can do that, he may earn some consideration from the Rams brass to be their head coach in 2017.

As for the players, this is gut check time. Save for a few core players, everyone is playing for their job these last three games. If nothing else, there should be a marked increase in effort - if not in execution.

Fans can finally breathe a little easier though. The specter of Jeff Fisher is no longer hanging over us. We can finally look forward without fear of the #7and9bullshit continuing for 2 more years.