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Todd Gurley Speaks Out Against Offense, Teammates in Post Game Interview

I think it’s safe to say that the Rams RB has reached his breaking point.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Make no bones about it, the Los Angeles Rams got absolutely shellacked today. The loss extends their losing streak to four games - and 8 of the last 9.

For perspective on just how bad the Rams have been, their point differential the last three weeks is -72. For those who don’t math well, that’s losing by 24 a week.

Need another point of reference? I gotchu.

That -72 differential is worse than the season differential for all but four teams. It’s easy to see why fans are fustrated.

For those who need a third point of reference.....

Rams RB Todd Gurley is obviously frustrated as well.

Oh, and about that offense. It’s bad.

To his credit though, he doesn’t blame the coaches.

I don’t necessarily agree with that last bit, but props to Gurley for acutally voicing his frustration. I’ll take this any day over Jeff Fisher telling us everything is going to be OK.

I wonder though what repercussions will be in store for Gurley tomorrow. Fisher isn’t an advocate of his players speaking out - much less a player of Gurley’s caliber.

This has all the makings of a really bad situation for the Rams. A struggling young star speaking out against an underachieving head coach? Ask Vince Young how that worked out in Tennessee.

While this obviously hasn’t reached that level yet, it certainly adds to the drama around the Rams - who are more Hollywood than NFL right now.