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Rams 14, Falcons 42: How To Give Up


Los Angeles Rams Vs. Atlanta Falcons
Los Angeles Rams Vs. Atlanta Falcons
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The whole thing would be sad if it weren’t moreso disgusting.

You saw it. And if you didn’t, you’re better for it. This week, we saw a report from Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer who sourced a quote that the Rams were fostering a “toxic” culture, that the relationship between the coaching staff and scouting department were something resembling “junior high.” What we saw on the field this season and today was worse.

It was disgusting.

It was disgusting to see the Rams fumble the opening kick return and allow the Falcons to score on the first offensive play of the game. It was disgusting to see the passing targets fail rookie franchise QB Jared Goff before he failed himself on his two interceptions. It was disgusting to see this team give up. It was disgusting to see the Rams let Jared Goff take a punishing hit on his two-yard rush for a touchdown.

The entire thing is disgusting from a team that has had every opportunity to improve yet heads toward Week 15 at 4-9 to a head coach who has no idea what he’s doing to the front office and ownership that has enabled the entire operation to this point because they just don’t care about the on-field product.

I wish that I had it in me to be personally disgusted by a disgusting product. But after 13 years of football without a single winning calendar and a re-entry into LA that sprinted right past the actual football toward putting up a cathedral to a religion of emptiness, I can’t be.

I ran out a long, long, long, long time ago.