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LA Rams Vs. Atlanta Falcons: Live Open Thread

The heart begins to wander.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are 4-8.

After all the build-up, after all the hype, these are still the #SOSAR. And for cause. Despite RB Todd Gurley and despite QB Jared Goff and despite DT Aaron Donald and anyone else you want to toss in that group of what were supposed to be players who could change the fortunes of the Rams, they are exactly where they have been the previous four seasons under Head Coach Jeff Fisher.

So they return home, to the Coliseum, to see what Los Angeles will provide.

Will today be the first signs that the initial honeymoon is over, that simply existing in LA won't be sufficient to fill seats? Will today see an audience more interested in lobbing verbal bombs at Fisher than responding to the ins and outs of the game? Will today offer a respite from the losing or will it be yet another misstep?

The season is but over for the Rams. The playoffs won't be an offer. December football is yet again about setting up for next year, assessing the roster for personnel needs.

The heart begins to wander to other pursuits, other efforts, other desires. That's true for the fans. Will it be true for the Rams themselves?