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LA Rams Go Heavy On Offense In Early 7-Round 2017 NFL Mock Draft

Time to start putting some early draft talk out in the streets.

Virginia Tech WR Isaiah Ford
Virginia Tech WR Isaiah Ford
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time again.

A new 7-round 2017 NFL Mock Draft from Draft Wire gives us our first legitimate chance to dive headfirst into the infinite void of emptiness that is the Mock Draft Ether.

Their draft order is thrown off a bit as without compensatory picks doled out, we’re on the hook for our third-round pick bundled with our first-rounder for Tennessee. As I covered a couple of weeks ago, if we get a third-round pick in compensation for losing CB Janoris Jenkins in free agency and not signing equal or greater talent (and the chances we get that pick are higher than not) then Tennessee gets our comp pick and we keep our natural third-rounder.

Nonetheless, draft order in mock drafts isn’t the end all be all. The names are.

Here’s who the Rams take in the mock:

#39 - Virginia Tech WR Isaiah Ford

Ford’s a slender all-around athlete who doesn’t really excel in any area. He’s not the fastest, the biggest or most physical wideout. The holes in his game, though, aren’t deep.

Rams fans might wanna catch the ACC Championship this weekend when Va. Tech takes on #3 Clemson.

Now I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out some of the talent that comes just after the Ford pick. The first two tight ends go at 43 & 47 in Michigan’s Jake Butt and Alabama’s O.J. Howard. Tennessee LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin comes off at 52. And UCLA LT Conor McDermott at 49 is a prospect I’m sure will have attractors among Rams fans looking to move on from Greg Robinson.

Speaking of, in the fourth round the Rams go for:

#103 - USC LT Chad Wheeler

Wheeler is gonna need to pass the medical check at the combine after injuring his knee three times - early in 2013 and late in 2014 which he aggravated down the stretch in 2015 forcing him to miss the 2016 opener. He’s also suffered two concussions at USC. There’s also the matter of his suspension for the 2015 Holiday Bowl following an “altercation” with police...yeah, if you are scared at red flags, Wheeler’s probably not your guy.

Physically though, he’s very well-built and plays to his build. This is one of those prospects we have to wait on Indy for. If he clears all hurdles (medical and interview), I could see him rising into the second round. If any red flags persist through February, he might fall even further than this.

Next up:

#134 - Maryland CB Will Likely

The Rams are already looking at two open slots on the CB depth chart with Blake Countess and Michael Jordan currently holding them. With Trumaine Johnson on a one-year tag, there’s a risk of that becoming three slots this offseason.

In any case, by the fifth round you’re pretty much going full BPA just to try to land guys who can stick on the 53-man roster.

Likely is a TINY corner who’d have to play the slot in the NFL. Combine measurables would be of top importance here as Maryland has him listed at 5’7”, 175 lbs.

On to the sixth round:

#175 - Ohio St. LB Dante Booker

Hard to get excited about sixth-rounders especially those that don’t see the field...


#206 - West Virginia C Tyler Orlosky

I like Orlosky as a Day 3 center prospect. He’s light, but plays quick for a center. I’d honestly be surprised if he falls this far, so I’d certainly be down to nab him in the seventh.

Nothing like mock draft talk in December.

Get ready, because it’s only going to amp up from here.