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NFL Week 13 Broadcast Map

Here's who's getting the Rams-Patriots game on their local broadcast channel.

Per 506 Sports, here’s the FOX broadcast map for the early games on Sunday:

Week 13 broadcast map
Week 13 broadcast map
  • Red: Rams at Patriots
  • Blue: Eagles at Bengals
  • Green: Lions at Saints
  • Yellow: 49ers at Bears

Non-pictured market coverage: Anchorage, AK - Lions at Saints; Fairbanks, AK - Lions at Saints; Honolulu, HI - Rams at Patriots

If we needed any validation that Jared Goff vs. Tom Brady would resonate among the national NFL consciousness, this is it. A wide belt of the country including the country’s top two markets will get the game exposing the Rams and their rookie franchise QB to a huge audience.

For SoCal, the Rams get the full southern chunk of San Diego and eastward along with Bakersfield. Fresno still tilts the Niners’ way.

The 9-2 Patriots hold all of New England, all of the state of New York a sliver of northern Pennsylvania and the top half of Jersey.

As for the non-home markets, there’s a ton of them this weekend. Seattle. Portland. Phoenix. Denver. St. Louis. Nashville. Miami. And all kinds of surrounding mid- and lower-tier markets.

Much of the country is going to be watching the Rams take on the Patriots. Here’s hoping we put up a decent show on the road against a very good team.