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Random Ramsdom 11/8: Goff’s Time Must Come Soon

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The media is wondering where the heck Goff is..... along with all of Rams Nation...

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Los Angeles Rams
Jared Goff walks off the field after another loss.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

No Goff, No Patience | NY Times

Everyone is losing their patience as Jared Goff is still not playing

LA Welcomes Fight in the Stands | Daily Sports

Another week, another brawl in the Coliseum

Rams Players Touched by Families of Fallen Military | NBC 4 (LA)

Rams players were humbled by fans who have lost family members

Jared Goff’s Time has Come | USA Today

It’s time to play Jared Goff

Rams RB Gurley Supports Keenum | ESPN

Rams Running Back Todd Gurley assures everyone that he and the team support Case Keenum

Rams Fans Chant “We Want Goff” | ESPN

Rams fans chant for Goff during abysmal offensive showing against Carolina

Why the Field Looks Weird in LA | Charlotte Observer

Well, the team sucks but the field actually looks weird due to USC playing a game the day before