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Game Balls! Who Takes the Cake with the Rams Latest Loss?

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Let's put a spin on this.....

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it's because I just wrote the weekly Jeff Fisher approval poll, maybe it's because I'm just fed up with his bullshit.... but I'm about to hijack this shiznit.

You're a Rams fan. That's why you're here. Time for you to pick the best attribute of your favorite team's head coach!

Door #1 - Culture Change

In their first offseason in LA since the relocation, Jeff Fisher made it known that cutting down on penalties as a priority.

How's that working out?

Door #2 - Improving the Offense

Yeah.... I don't even know where to start. You can blame the WRs, the OL, Case Keenum.... it doesn't matter. It's a systemic issue.

Door #3 - Coach-Speak

Man this dude knows how to get the media drinking his kool-ade.

Is this better than the dark days when the Rams were averaging 3 wins per year? Absolutely. But it's not nearly good enough to warrant the type of job security Fisher has.