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Week 9 Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Is Jeff Fisher Really This Clueless?

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Why yes, yes he is.

Even Goff has to facepalm when asked about Coach Fisher.....
Even Goff has to facepalm when asked about Coach Fisher.....
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I gotta say, I'm a bit disappointed that the vitriol faded over the bye week. Oh well, nothing like their 4th loss in a row to get things rolling again! Here is where we stood heading into the game with the Panthers.

JFAP Bye Week Results

Apologies for not having an updated graph this week - I forgot to e-mail the document home. Here's the trends from last week though....

JFAP Week 7 Trends

Rams fans are clearly beyond 'meh' territory. You have a fierce 10-ish percent of fans that are sticking with their coach despite a mountain of evidence. Then you have the vast majority of fans that aren't wearing rose colored glasses and see where the problem is.

But don't take my word for it.... all you gotta do is listen to coach.

Our defense has given up a touchdown to (Giants QB) Eli Manning and (Panthers QB) Cam Newton, and that’s it. That’s a winning effort.

"Winning effort" - unless your offense can't put points on the board. One that he refuses to change, mind you.

I would submit that (QB Case Keenum) Case was not the reason we lost this game today.
I don’t think (QB Case Keenum) Case’s play today was indicative of raising the question (of starting Jared Goff).

Not even going here.

Obviously, we have some frustration on the defensive side when you lose back to back. You hold your opponent to 17, but one was returned for a touchdown in London, and then 13 today.

"One returned for a touchdown in London" - That was the difference in the game, Jeff.

They’re taking the run away with respect to the fronts and the stunting, so we pick it up and throw it.

Translation: I have a generational talent at RB, but I'd rather hitch my season to Case Keenum.

Benny (Cunningham) is our two-minute back.


How much did you want that ball to be complete to him (WR Brian Quick) when we got behind it? That would’ve been a game-changing play, the way the game ended up, and (QB Case Keenum) Case just overthrew it a little bit.

"Case just overthrew it a little bit" - The WRs are obviously the problem here!

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