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Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher Has Finally Made The Rams The Worst Offense In The NFL

The Rams are now plummeting to the bottom of NFL offenses.

Los Angeles Rams QB Case Keenum & RB Todd Gurley
Los Angeles Rams QB Case Keenum & RB Todd Gurley
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Rams lost to the Carolina Panthers 10-13 in a game that was soaking with defensive intensity and offensive ineptitude. The Rams held Carolina to just 244 yards of offense while putting up 339 yards of their own leading to a singular outcome: the Rams now have the worst offense in the NFL.

More importantly, the Rams have now seen their offensive capabilities fall to franchise lows under Head Coach Jeff Fisher. In other words, after five years of Fisher’s management of the offense both in terms of systemic set up and personnel oversight, the offense is worse than it’s ever been.

It’s hard to find the right terms to apply here only because the failure is so overwhelming.

Jeff Fisher was hired as the head coach of the Rams starting in the 2012 season and proceeded to lead one of the league’s worst offenses, one that finished 25th in yards gained and 23rd in points score.

It was also the best offense he has overseen as head coach of the Rams.

Going from Sam Bradford, a 29-year old Steven Jackson and a wideout trio of Danny Amendola, Brandon Gibson and Chris Givens, Fisher has transformed the offense in the four years since into something much worse.

After Week 9 (minus tonight’s Monday Night Football contest between the Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills), the Rams are 31st in yards gained behind only the Minnesota Vikings whose offensive coordinator abandoned them this week after feeling he was “holding them back.” The Rams are dead last in points per game.

This after the RGIII trade in the 2012 NFL Draft gave them one of the biggest bounties to work with in NFL history.

This after the following talent acquisition in just five drafts: a #1 overall QB, a #10 overall RB, a second-round RB, a third-round RB, a #8 overall wideout with two other Day 2 wide receivers, a #2 overall left tackle along with four offensive linemen in the 2015 NFL Draft headlined by two Day 2 selections.

All of that had to be compiled in order to transform the Rams’ offense into the worst offense in the NFL after five years of consistent oversight at the head coaching level.

It has taken years and many, many, many decisions to get to this point. Not all of them were “wrong.”

But something clearly is as it relates to the 2016 Los Angeles Rams’ offense and the trajectory of the offense under Fisher.