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NFL Week 9 Early Thread

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All the action around the NFL ahead of Rams-Panthers.

Philadelphia Eagles At New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles At New York Giants
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Steelers (4-3) at Ravens (3-4)

The AFC North is yet again shaping up to be a three-way battle between Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cincinnati. Today is a crucial game for the division landscape.

Cowboys (6-1) at Browns (0-8)

The Cowboys are touchdown favorites on the road. This one could certainly get out of hand which will only exacerbate the narratives for both, albeit at opposite poles.

Jaguars (2-5) at Chiefs (5-2)

Things are getting UGLY in DUVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL. Unless they pull off the upset, it’s going to get worse and put Jaguars HC Gus Bradley on perhaps the hottest hot seat in the NFL.

The Chiefs, meanwhile, have to hold home serve in the AFC West which is shaping up to be the best division in the NFL.

Jets (3-5) at Dolphins (3-4)

Desperation game here in the AFC East.

Eagles (4-3) at Giants (4-3)

Big NFC East battle. Who can keep up with the division-leading Cowboys?

Lions (4-4) at Vikings (5-2)

Minnesota’s on a two-game slide after starting the season 5-0. If they drop this NFC North tie, things are going to start looking much less rosy in Minneapolis.