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Report Alleges Rams HC Jeff Fisher’s Job Security Due To Quid Pro Quo Efforts For NFL

CSNNE’s Tom Curran wrote a pretty scathing piece today that suggests the reason Jeff Fisher hasn’t been and possibly won’t be fired is that he has helped the NFL achieve larger goals than whatever the Rams’ ultimate record might reflect.

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

You have to give credit to the media that cover the New England Patriots. They’re not used to Fisherball.

They’re not used to years of mediocrity and the excuses and the games with the media and the complete destruction of any application of logic to how the team has operated these last five years.

So when CSN New England’s Tom Curran wrote a piece today excoriating Fisher and alleging that the reason he hasn’t been fired is because he has done the dirty work to support the NFL in various ways, you have to give him credit. He’s not used to this.

Fisher is the king of quid pro quo. It’s how he’s survived so long. He hasn’t coached a playoff game since 2008. He hasn’t won a playoff game since 2003. Since taking over the Rams in 2012, his win totals are seven, seven, six and seven.

But he is the anti-Belichick in terms of cozying up to the league office and doing its bidding in ways great and small.

From helping the Rams climb to the top of the relocation heap to moving up to #1 in this last draft just to manufacture drama to help ratings (something we covered at the time) to drafting Michael Sam to Fisher’s participation in the league’s Competition Committee to his response to SpyGate, Curran ties a pretty direct line between Fisher’s and the Rams’ support of the league office to Fisher’s employment status as a result of a quid pro quo arrangement.

It’s not hard to envision, though I’ll let you the reader decide how much of this direct connection you buy into after reading Curran’s piece.

What will be more telling is Fisher’s ultimate employment status after the conclusion of this season. We all know the contract extension is the biggest elephant in the room. If Jeff Fisher is the head coach of the 2017 Los Angeles Rams, connections like this will be impossible to sweep under the rug. The question of how little the franchise cares about winning and its fans will be answered.

In their last two meetings, Bill Belichick’s teams have outscored Fisher’s 104-7.

You have to forgive Curran.

He doesn’t know #7and9bullshit when he sees it.