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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: It’s Been a Rough Week...

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It’s hard to imagine Jeff Fisher’s week getting any worse...

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

If Los Angeles Rams’ head coach Jeff Fisher could take a mulligan on any week of the 2016 year he’d, in all likelihood, ask for a do-over on this last one. And he probably wouldn’t need much time to make his decision.

After getting off to a hot 3-1 start, some were buying Jeff Fisher’s claim to not accept 7-9 bullshit this year. But that’s when the wheels fell off.

The Rams have lost six straight games - their last a 49-21 blowout to the Saints - and now look to travel cross-country to face the 9-2 New England Patriots. Assuming the Patriots take care of business at home, the Rams will then head back to Los Angeles to host the first place Atlanta Falcons (7-4), who boast the NFL’s third ranked offense.

That said, we know the Rams can sometimes play up to their competition, so stringing together back-to-back wins isn’t out of the realm of possibility. But in the realm of probability, the Rams head into Week 15 a 4-9 team...with no excitement about a first round draft pick.

On top of seeing his team’s 3-1 start slip...err...plummet, Fisher got into a war of words with legendary Rams’ running back Eric Dickerson. And regardless of who said what, or who started it, Jeff Fisher isn’t winning that battle. The media has latched onto the off-field drama and, as Tuesday’s press-conference indicates, it’s the only thing anyone cares to talk about.

It appears as though this season’s miscues have finally hit a tipping point. The team desperately needed to get Todd Gurley going. They couldn’t. When the team started it’s slide, the fans called for Jared Goff. They didn’t get it. When they expected improvement out of left tackle Greg Robinson, they didn’t get it. Now, it seems the masses want a change at head coach...and if what Kevin Demoff is saying is any indication, the fans won’t get that either.

Fisher is two losses away from having the most of any coach in NFL history. Earlier this week, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith teed off on him. Yesterday, Snoop Dogg dropped it like it was hot. And today Fisher is the butt of the joke for apparently not knowing the Patriots’ corps of running backs just days before the game.

It just all seems to be unraveling for Fisher, and the only remedy is for the team to start winning football games. Matchups against two offensive juggernauts, when your defense isn’t playing as advertised, certainly doesn’t sound like the recipe.

Given everything you’ve seen and heard from Jeff Fisher in 2016, how are you feeling about his status as the Rams’ head coach?