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Jeff Fisher Doesn’t Know Who The Patriots’ RBs Are

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LeGarrette Blount, Ray Liotta and your next door neighbor are the Patriots’ running backs according to Fish.

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher did his best to rattle of the names that make up the New England Patriots’ three-headed running back corps, but his efforts were poor. When asked about the group on a conference call with the media who cover the Pats, Fisher threw out the names Legarrette Blount, “Brandon” and “Danny”.

Fisher didn’t entirely miss the marks with these names. Brandon Bolden is, in fact, a current member of the Patriots, but not one that is often apart of the game plan. In fact, Bolden hasn’t had a carry or a reception since Week 4.

“Danny” is the real gut buster. More likely than not, Fisher was talking about Danny Woodhead, who is now with the San Diego Chargers and has not been with the Patriots since 2012.

If not Woodhead, Fisher is talking about Danny Amendola, who, while a Patriot, is a wide receiver. Small, white, short-area player like Woodhead, yes, but Amendola is a wide receiver.

In defense of the befuddled Fisher, James White, who is one of the three actual running backs that are being referred to, is an extremely forgettable name. James White is your backup left guard in NCAA 14 when you select the option to make all names randomly generated instead of being numbers. James White is a middle of the road country artist. James White is an underrated, undervalued running back from the Big Ten (ok, this one is real).

Dion Lewis, the final running back in the trio, has been injured for a large part of the season, so it’s easy to lose track of him when other players are playing in his spot. That being said, Lewis is a weapon when healthy, and is absolutely a player Fisher ought to know.

Fisher made a mess of himself by trying to bullshit his way through this press conference like I would through a midterm paper. It’s frustrating, but also incredibly on brand for Fisher. At the end of the day, it’s one more thing to laugh about. For a moment, we can simply appreciate the cluelessness of Jeff Fisher instead of being angered by it.

Well, until the Patriots pummel the Rams, that is. Then we can be angry again.