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Rams COO Kevin Demoff Responds Directly To Fan Concerns Over Jeff Fisher Contract Extension, W-L Record

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This is encouraging.

Rams Executive VP of Football Operations & CPP Kevin Demoff
Rams Executive VP of Football Operations & CPP Kevin Demoff 
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Yesterday, we covered the story from NFL Media’s Steve Wyche who talked to Los Angeles Rams Executive Vice President of Football Operations & Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff and his quotes that hinted at a potential contract extension for Head Coach Jeff Fisher.

In response to that story but moreso five years of #7and9bullshit, social media was buzzing with Rams fans clamoring to get the franchise’s attention that their financial commitment to the Rams was as not as strong as their fandom.

Tons of TSTers were affirming their statement that they would not renew season tickets next season or attend any games if Jeff Fisher were to be retained as head coach. In a Twitter poll we tossed out yesterday, 87% of respondents said they wouldn’t buy season tickets next season if Fisher were still head coadch.

One such Rams fan, @Nmartin55, wrote an email to Demoff yesterday:

Perhaps surprisingly, Demoff responded today:

Nick, I appreciate the email and the heartfelt thoughts. I think we are all disappointed in the record this year and know that its unacceptable to the fans. As we get to the end of the year, we are all evaluating every aspect of the football operation and how to improve. We know we need to get it right and we are committed to doing so.


I’ll be blunt. I think it’s awesome that Demoff took the time and effort to respond directly to a Rams fan (and it sounds like Nmartin55 isn’t the only recipient of that effort). As the managing editor of a fan-powered site, I’m always in favor of having fan concerns and voices acknowledged by the team. And to have Demoff, who reports directly and solely to Rams Owner Stan Kroenke, be the one to acknowledge those concerns is sincerely encouraging.

Here’s hoping we do get it right.