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Random Ramsdom 11/30: Fisher, Dickerson, Patriots, Extensions

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After coming off a 4 TD defeat and with the New England Patriots coming up next, there hasn't been much of any football talk so far this week. All the focus has been elsewhere.

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Hollywood Reboot - NFL

Our friend Steve Wyche has news that Jeff Fisher seemingly isn't going anywhere after 2016. This would be terrible news for fans of winning football seasons and most Rams fans. Simply unacceptable.

Fisher is out of bounds for alienating Dickerson - OC Register

How Fisher became the one to return calls about sideline pass requests seems odd. Don't poke the ED bear.

Embarrassed defense eager for New England - OC Register

Have to move forward from the dumpster fire in New Orleans. Tough task ahead against Tom Brady.

Fisher responds to dilemma - ESPN

A recap of this weird story with quotes from Rams players.

VIDEO: Fisher after practice - Rams

Fisher stands behind his initial comments about welcoming Eric Dickerson on the sidelines.

Breaking down the Rams - 247 Sports

A breakdown of the state of the Rams from a Patriots point of view.

Coach Hot Seat Rankings - USA Today

I really don't understand the admiration for being able to move a team in the midst of a five year losing stretch. Neat.

VIDEO: Goff settled down vs Saints - Rams

Rams franchise QB looks back on his performance in New Orleans.

Power Rankings Week 13 - NFL

Rams keep falling as they keep losing.

Chris Long wants to bring clean water to Africa - NFL

This isn't a new thing but appropriate to highlight as the Rams will face Chris and the Patriots this week. Many current and former Rams are joining the cause.