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LA Rams LT Greg Robinson “Expected” To Return To Starting Lineup

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It sounds like the former #2 overall pick from the 2014 NFL Draft will be back in the starting lineup after a one-week demotion. Will it make a difference?

Los Angeles Rams LT Greg Robinson
Los Angeles Rams LT Greg Robinson
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Swept under the news that former Los Angeles Rams RB Eric Dickerson has been banned from the Rams’ sidelines by Head Coach Jeff Fisher was Fisher’s allusion to LT Greg Robinson returning to the Rams’ starting lineup after being a healthy scratch in Week 11:

I expect (T) Greg (Robinson) to be back and ready to roll. I had a good conversation with him today. He’s focused and he needed the break.


It was hard to go to seven, but the decision with Greg, as I talked to the staff last week, he just needed a break. Guys, sometimes in their career, need a break. I know he refocused, he recharged, he rebooted and he’s ready to go. The mental errors and the penalties, it was just time.

It’s bit confusing as to why Greg Robinson would need a break and not other struggling Rams, but so be it.

Now that he’s had his break and he’s refocused and recharged and rebooted and ready to go, I’m sure the mental errors and penalties will be a thing of the past. I’m sure that we can put to bed what SI’s Peter King pointed out in this week’s MMQB:

Of the 77 tackles who have played enough to earn grades this season, Robinson’s run-blocking grade is dead last.

I’m sure the former #2 overall pick from the 2014 NFL Draft will look like a #2 overall pick after being not just benched but removed from the active gameday roster entirely.

Otherwise, we’d have to conclude that Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher doesn’t know what he’s doing.