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Random Ramsdom 11/29/16 : A Broken Olive Branch

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Rams manage to stay in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Stadium Groundbreaking
Dickerson, welcomed at groundbreaking, was banned and reinstated today.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

This is atrocious. A former player, who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, was quickly banned and then reinstated by an organization that ironically isn’t afraid to be loyal until the bitter end. The Rams can’t just be terrible on the field, they have to one-up themselves off the field as well because they’re so defensive about not being good.

Demoff Quick to Extend Olive Branch | Fansided

After word leaked of Eric Dickerson not being welcomed at games, Kevin Demoff quickly extended an olive branch of forgiveness

Prominent Rams Defender Also Loses Hope, “Rams need wakeup call” | OC Register

Vincent Bonsignore of the OC Register suggests the Rams need a wake up call, and fast

Sean Payton Relishes Win | ESPN

Sean Payton, coach of the Saints, relishes in victory for “Bounty gate” reasons against Rams DC, Gregg Williams

Goff Able to ‘Slow Game Down’ on Road | ESPN

The lone bright spot of the game was Jared Goff, who looked poised

Jeff Fisher: “I don’t think anybody knows what we’ve been through” | ESPN

No excuses but, we’ve moved.... “We’ve been through a lot” (Editor’s Note: Cry me a river)

Rams Deny Banning Eric Dickerson | ESPN

Rams deny banning Dickerson but Jeff Fisher says he hasn’t seen RB since preseason game against Dallas (which is a lie since Dickerson was at the home opener). Fisher also says Eddie George has seen team more than Dickerson in presser

Recently Dominant Defense Embarrassed Against Saints | ESPN

After a couple of weeks of stout play, the Rams defense got shellacked against the Saints