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NFC Playoff Picture: NFC East Holds The Keys

After 12 weeks of the 2016 NFL Regular Season, the NFC playoff picture is taking shape.

Washington Redskins At Dallas Cowboys
Washington Redskins At Dallas Cowboys
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are now 4-7 after Sunday’s 21-49 pummeling at the hands of Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.

Now deep in the bowels of the NFC standings, here’s how the playoff picture is shaping up:

2016 NFC Playoff Standings - Week 12
2016 NFC Playoff Standings - Week 12

The current field would include the NFC East’s New York Giants and Washington Football Team People as the two wild cards in addition to the four division leaders. With Philadelphia at the bottom of the division at 5-5, the NFC East along with the AFC West and maybe a gamely NFC South make up your best divisions in football to this point in 2016.

That being said, tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup between those Eagles and the 4-6 Green Bay Packers is going to be significantly (bigly dare I say?) important.

Our friends over at Pride of Detroit, the SB Nation community for fans of the Detroit Lions, put together this handy table of the major playoff contenders and their remaining strength of schedule:

Strength of schedule Opponents
Seahawks 0.315 vs. CAR, @GB, vs. LA, vs. ARI, at SF
Falcons 0.400 vs. KC, @LA, vs. SF, @ CAR, vs. NO
Washington 0.426 .@ARI, @PHI, vs. CAR, @CHI, vs. NYG
Vikings 0.426 vs. DAL, @JAX, vs. IND, @GB, vs. CHI
Packers 0.508 .@PHI, vs. HOU, vs. SEA, @CHI, vs. MIN, @DET
Buccaneers 0.527 .@SD, vs. NO, @DAL, @NO, vs. CAR
Cardinals 0.527 vs. WAS, @MIA, vs. NO, @SEA, @LA
Lions 0.537 .@NO, vs. CHI, @NYG, @DAL, vs. GB
Saints 0.545 vs. DET, @TB, @ARI, vs. TB, @ATL
Eagles 0.569 vs. GB, @CIN, vs. WAS, @BAL, vs. NYG, vs. DAL
Cowboys 0.593 .@MIN, @NYG, vs. TB, vs. DET, @PHI
Giants 0.630 .@PIT, vs. DAL, vs. DET, @PHI, @WAS

As we head into December with the final five weeks of the season, every Sunday is going to be huge in helping whittle this down to the final six.

For now, it’s shaping up to be one hell of a month of football.