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Week 12 Recap Reaction: Consistency

The Rams give up the most points of any team this NFL season to drop to 4-7.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints
Goff greets someone he looks up to in Brees
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The 2016 Los Angeles Rams, known for a tough defense, scored 21 points in the first half yesterday against the New Orleans Saints to give their defense a shot at holding the...oops.

After a low scoring affair against the Miami Dolphins last week in Jared Goff’s debut, the Rams found ways to manufacture points against a struggling Saints team. Goff lead the Rams to an opening touchdown drive, completing a beautiful pass to Tavon Austin to get the Rams going. Unfortunately, the Rams defense did not come to play and the Saints answered quickly and often. The Saints found themselves up 28-14 late in the second quarter. Goff led a great drive to get the Rams within 28-21 and then couldn’t find points for the rest of the game. The Saints went on the beat the Rams 49-21.

Jeff Fisher, who knows what he is doing, vowed to make changes this week and he did. When asked repeatedly, Fisher made clear that he wanted to get the running game going to help Goff, only to hand the ball off to the “once in a generational type of talent” thirteen (13) times. Also to “make changes”, Jeff Fisher benched Greg Robinson, making him inactive for the game with his whole family there to watch.

All Smiles Around Me It's Uplifting. What's All The Chatter Bout..Won't Bring A Real One Down. #FootballIsFamily

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With Robinson benched, Jamon Brown moved to left guard and Rodger Saffold to left tackle, until Saffold suffered an injury. Saffold was then replaced by Andrew Donnal who had this to say after the game....

I know what I’m doing.”

Of course, with Saffold suffering an injury and Donnal doing his best but still not quite performing well, Jeff Fisher is ready to bring Robinson back quickly....

The Rams are not a good football team. The offense is still atrocious and the defense is maddeningly inconsistent. Jeff Fisher is a coach stuck in the past. He has no clue how to run a team. His excuses get worse and worse. Simply put, Jeff Fisher needs to go.

As a fan, I don’t want to hear how three or four extra days allows a team to score the most points ANY team in the league has this season. I don’t want to hear how you benched someone who “needed” a mental break. I don’t want to hear how many times you’ve had to move. I don’t want to hear how you lost the game.

I don’t want to hear from you, Jeff Fisher. Please retire or walk away from this franchise that you’ve consistently disappointed.