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LA Rams 21, New Orleans Saints 28: 2nd Half Live Thread

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The Jared Goff Show is taking off, folks.

Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff
Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

For 10 weeks, the Los Angeles Rams sat rookie franchise QB Jared Goff claiming he wasn’t ready. There was something about his development as an NFL quarterback that wasn’t inspiring sufficient confidence to plug him in as the starter.

Whatever it was, that changed a week ago. Goff was nominated to the starting position to lead the Rams for Week 11 against the Miami Dolphins. The results were relatively atrocious. Rarely did Goff have a target beyond 10 yards to work to. Instead, he repeatedly pushed his offense through minimal chunks en route to a 17/31, 134-yard day.

Not so today.

Against an admittedly horrible New Orleans Saints defense, Goff is 12/20 for 167 yards and three touchdowns. And it’s halftime.

There’s not much to make sense of in the context of the Rams’ 2016 season in this offense. Todd Gurley hasn’t given Goff great cover. It’s not as if the offensive line has been spectacular and Goff hasn’t had to work under pressure.

He’s doing all of it, and doing a fine job.

You just have to wonder. Why weren’t the Rams willing to let him work through things earlier this year?

Perhaps we’ll see something over the next 30 minutes that validates the Rams’ approach to waiting for months before turning the team over to Goff. And no, the Dolphins game didn’t invalidate their initial approach.

But it’s just hard to see the Rams put up 21 points on the back of a functional passing offense and wonder how different things would look if they didn’t wait until now to put one together.