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LA Rams At New Orleans Saints: Live Open Thread

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Down in Louisiana, the 4-6 Rams face a test of unusual proportions.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Jeff Fisher era has been one of unpredictable predictability for the Rams.

For years, we've known where we were headed. We haven't known how we were going to get there. This season has been no different.

Nobody would have bet on these Rams starting 3-1 to open the season. A four-game losing streak was perhaps less unpredictable but nonetheless required to bring the universe into balance.

A few games later and here we are at 4-6 now having broken the seal on rookie Jared Goff because it took 10 weeks for Jeff Fisher to coach him up to be able to pass for 134 yards in a game.

Now, the Rams go into New Orleans for Goff's second test against a susceptible 4-6 Saints team who fires on all cylinders offensively but doesn't have any cylinders on defense.

Is there anything in this that matters? We know where the Rams are headed. We don't know how we're going to get there.

Today is no different.