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Thanksgiving Day Live Thread

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Holidays are dumb.

Don’t get me wrong. The actual holidays themselves are great. Thanksgiving is great. Christmas is great. New Year’s Eve is great. New Year’s Day is great. July 4th is great. Pretty much all holidays are great except for Labor Day which is really awkward and hot and just kind of a wasted holiday to remind everyone the summer is over and it’s ok to go outside again. Labor Day is REALLY dumb.

But all other holidays are just plain dumb. Because every day should be a holiday.

Think about how dumb this day is. The idea of eating delicious food and having great football on television and spending time with family and friends and people you care about.

And come up with a reason why every day shouldn’t be this day.

Because you enjoy it more if you only do it once a year? What kind of sick mind tastes the turkey today, the gravy, the stuffing, the what the hell else ever you have today that is good and right and holy and worthwhile and life affirming and tell me why you shouldn’t have that for the next 364 days.

Tell me why food (which is good) and football (which, well for the most part, is good) and whatever you’re doing today that is good (which means that’s good too) is what you shouldn’t do every damn day.

You should. We all should. That we aren’t is a neverending reminder of the fallacy of the human condition.

We should just be eating this stuff and watching this stuff and doing this stuff every day. This is what we should be doing.

Today we get to do it. And to be honest, among other more important things, I’m thankful for that. But I sure would be thankful if we just did this again tomorrow. And the next day. And most days. Because this is a good day. And we should just quit screwing around and make most days good days. Really, we should make all days good days, but we’re not good at living so let’s set the bar somewhere below should.

We could make a lot of days good days full of football and food and other good stuff. But instead we just wait for holidays.

Holidays are dumb.

Happy Thanksgiving, humans somewhere on Earth!