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2016 NFL Power Rankings, Week 12

Another 4-6 record has the Rams in familiar territory. How sour are the national media power rankings?

Los Angeles Rams Vs. Miami Dolphins
Los Angeles Rams Vs. Miami Dolphins
Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams dropped their Week 11 home clash with the Miami Dolphins ruining rookie franchise QB Jared Goff’s NFL debut.

Now at 4-6 for the fourth year in a row through 10 games, have the Rams established themselves as one of the worst teams in football according to the power rankings?

Average ranking (# of rankings) 26.71 (7)
Average change from last week -0.57
Highest ranking (source) 26th (multiple sources)
Lowest ranking (source) 27th (multiple sources)
Biggest positive change (source) 0 (multiple sources)
Biggest negative change (source) -1 (multiple sources)
2016 Los Angeles Rams Power Rankings - Week 12
2016 Los Angeles Rams Power Rankings - Week 12

SB Nation: 27th (27th last week)

ESPN: 27th (26th)

Jared Goff's debut was less than stellar but par for the course as far as Rams quarterbacks are concerned. Goff led the Rams to their fourth straight effort of 10 or fewer points, the franchise's longest streak since 2011, a season in which they went 2-14. 26th (25th)

The Rams had to take the plunge at some point with Jared Goff, figuratively speaking, as the rain-soaked Coliseum field called for more Todd Gurley dive plays than seven-step drops from a rookie quarterback. The offense -- along with the team's temporary home venue -- recalls the days of "Ground Chuck" and those 1970s Rams teams that ran the football -- and ran it some more -- while playing suffocating defense. This 2016 Ram defense is special. The unit gave up 14 points to Miami and lost. Aaron Donald and Co. are allowing just 18.7 per game, despite an offense that does them no favors. It's pretty damn impressive.

CBS Sports: 27th (27th)

It was the right move to start Jared Goff, but they have to expect growing pains. Why not let him throw it more down the field?

Yahoo! Sports: 27th (27th)

A rainy day might have changed the Rams’ game plan, and kept Jared Goff throwing short. But the game plan might have been just as conservative if it were 72 degrees without a cloud in the sky. This is the Rams we’re talking about. There were some positive reviews of Goff’s debut, which was quite a reach. How can his performance be considered promising if he almost never threw more than 10 yards downfield?

Pro Football Talk: 27th (26th)

Well, at least they won’t be 7-9 again.

FOX Sports: 26th (25th)

The Jared Goff era began in a rainy Los Angeles, but he was hindered by conservative play calling on the part of the coaching staff. He didn’t play terribly, but it’s hard to get a feel for exactly how good (or bad) he’ll be after Sunday’s lackluster showing against Miami.