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Transcript: Rams HC Jeff Fisher Talks Week 11 Loss

Fisher spoke to the press about how the Rams blew the 10-0 lead to the Miami Dolphins.

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(Opening remarks)

“Obviously, when you carry a lead as far as we did in the fourth quarter, play the way we did on defense, and the way we played on special teams – it’s disappointing that we let this one slip away. Very disappointed in the outcome. We’ll credit them. We had two drives defensively that we allowed to be finished, particularly because, in my opinion, there were two penalties – both by our two defensive captains, one by (DT) Aaron (Donald) and one by (LB Alec Ogletree) ‘Tree’ on the sideline. A 15-yard penalty on drives like that – they were obviously deciding factors in the game. That doesn’t take away from what we didn’t do offensively. We didn’t score enough points – that’s been a common theme here and we need to get better at that. It’s hard as a coach – when you stand and you lose a football game – it’s hard to say that anyone put forth a winning effort. I thought our special teams was outstanding against a really well-coached opponent. The winning effort was there from them.

“Looking at (QB) Jared’s (Goff) performance, I was impressed with what he did – he’s not going to say he was okay, because we lost. But I thought he managed things well – no delay of games, he was in complete control, he was composed, and he got us in and out of a lot of really good things. We didn’t take our shots down the field, that in retrospect we probably needed to do. But he knew where to go with the football and I was proud of his first outing. We get a stop or intercept a pass – one of the two or three that we had our hands on – we win the game and we’re talking about Jared right now and nothing else. We’re moving forward. What greater challenge could we have than the Saints. They’re first in the NFL in total offense, so it’s a great challenge for our defense. Defensively, they’ve given us some points and they’ve suffered through some injuries. But we’re moving on and on to the Saints right now.

“Injury-wise – really the only significant injury we had in the game was (LB) Josh Forrest and it looks like it’s going to be a four to six week injury. Most likely we’ll put him on injured reserved and we’ll bring up (LB Nic Grigsby) ‘Grigs’ to handle his special teams responsibilities. But beyond that, guys sucked it up – (C Tim Barnes) ‘Timmy’: no practice – play, (CB Trumaine Johnson) ‘Tru’: no practice – play. We should be in good shape this week.”

(On why was this one of the toughest losses of his career)

“Well, it was. When you’re at home and you’re up by 10, and you got a chance to go up by 13, and you’re playing defense the way you’re playing it, you should just go ahead and just finish the game; capture the game, capture the win. Yeah, it was disappointing – in particular the two defensive drives considering the way the defense played throughout the game. Miami had won four straight going into this thing, and (QB) Ryan (Tannehill) had been playing well. They had multiple 200(-yard) rush games with (RB) Jay (Ajayi). With the exception of the one long run he had, which we overcame, this is a game we should have won.”

(On what prevented the offense from taking more shots down the field)

“There was constant pressure. The coverage didn’t allow it. We had some shots. He (Goff) made a good throw to (WR) Kenny (Britt), and we didn’t come up with the ball. We would’ve liked to have seen pass interference called on that play, which is a field position change. But, they just kind of sat on things and took the run game away and at the same time pressure us. We’ve got to give Jared more opportunities through play-action, and get the ball down the field.”

(On if he’s going to open up the play-calling for Goff rather than being conservative)

“Yeah, we have to score points. So, yeah, we’re going to do more things. I thought the plan was good. He was comfortable with the plan, for the most part. We win the game if the defense makes their plays. As we move forward and continue to expand this offense with the goal of scoring points, he’s going to be a big part of it, and we’ll have to push it down the field.”

(On what changed for RB Todd Gurley from the first quarter to the fourth quarter)

“We call it a four-minute offense, but when you’re up like we were and the defense is one-dimensional and they’re stopping the run. We got to get to the point where we can overcome that when people line up and say, ‘We’re going to stop the run,’ we got to find ways to run it. But, that’s what we faced.”

(On if it’s possible to be too conservative and preventing yourself from going forward)

“No, I think you have to take a lot of things into consideration. We don’t go into games hoping that we’re going to win 10-9 or 6-3, we expect to score points. We don’t take a conservative approach, we had, like I told you guys last week, we put the plan in with Jared, it’s our same stuff. We’re hoping that he does a little better and the guys help him. We just had some issues. We had a block in the back on the great scramble for a first down by Jared, which was really unnecessary by (T) Greg (Robinson) – that killed a first down and good field position. We have to overcome the individual mistakes – you can’t jump offsides on the first play of the game, you can’t have a false start when you have second-and-five and you have got good field position. It’s those things that are hurting us and those guys have to understand. There potentially may be some different guys playing this week.”

(On CB Troy Hill’s status)

“Still in the process of trying to gather more facts from law enforcement – we’ve got a copy of the police report and all that. When we got the information Saturday morning, decided to deactivate him, told him not to come to the facility nor to the game. I spoke with him briefly today – I’m very, very disappointed in him, disappointed in his choices, but waiting to get the results from law enforcement before I make a decision.”

(On if he would consider changing play-callers)

“No, not given any consideration. I did that last year. I have confidence in (offensive coordinator) Rob (Boras), and the offense has confidence in Rob. The offense, right now, knows that they’re not doing what they should be doing.”

(On of the potential lineup changes could come at the offensive line)

“We’re looking at everything right now. We need production, we need to minimize mistakes, we’ve got some repeat mistake-makers. That’s still under discussion.”

(On if they have a ‘bunker mentality’ with all the noise and criticism)

“We can’t pay attention to that. If you do, it becomes a distraction and becomes crippling. What you do is you look at the things that you did well. As you correct the game, you show them the contact plays and the extraordinary plays that were made in this game – unfortunately, it ended up in a losing effort. You can’t concern yourself with that. Like I said, if you’re referring to me personally, I’ve never looked over my shoulder – I don’t, it’s a week-to-week thing. I’m fired up every week about the next challenge, so that’s where we’re at and that’s where we’re going.”

(On if there is a reason for the offense being so productive in the first quarter and then production falling off later in the game)

“No, that’s a good point. We’ve had a tendency to have issues on first and second down and then third down – which is obviously a big challenge for you in the second quarter. I thought we’ve done a good job, over time with the adjustments in the third quarter. Things just have just not progressed the way we’ve liked. We’re looking at all of those things.”