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Hello Hater(s), Help Us Create a Jeff Fisher Emoji

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Do you have two free hands and an imagination? Perfect. Let’s make some Jeff Fisher emojis.

Not sure why one hasn’t been created — maybe there has been. But, as a Los Angeles Rams’ fan, I feel I’m owed a Jeff Fisher emoji.

If I type “Mobsquad” on twitter, boom...emoji. Problem is, I find myself talking much more about the head coach than the stout defense. Much less than he does, at least. It’s always their fault they lost, ya know?

At any rate, I’m waiting for Monday Night Football to kickoff in Mexico and I thought with my smarts and your, wait...that’s your smarts AND your prowess, we could come up with a few interesting emoji ideas for Jeff Fisher.

I’ve seen some already available ones that are close.

I mean this guy has a mustache...

But that’s a lot of very, very brown hair. Maybe that’s Week 1 Jeff Fisher. But by Week 12, he looks (and feels) a little more like this...

Ok, that may be a little too far. He’s certainly not bald. And he’s clearly not that happy.

So help us find a happy-medium. If you’ve got any computer skillz whatsoever, get in on this action.

Here are a few that myself and seattlerams have come up with in just a few minutes.

Show us what ya got!

No computer skills? No worries.

We’ll take any hot taeks you’ve got on Coach, or the idea of an extension.

If you’ve got hate in your heart, let it out” - Clayton Bigsby