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The Rams Finally Have an Elite Defense, but the Offense is Spoiling their Coming Out Party

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For all the talk about the Rams defense being 'elite' in recent seasons, they've finally achieved that feat. Currently, the Rams defense is tied with the Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, and Baltimore Ravens for the 5th best scoring D in the NFL (18.7 PPG). In the yardage department, they're ranked 6th (318.3).

The past four games has shown exactly what this team is built for.

The Defense

The defense has been OUTSTANDING over the Rams past four games. Take a look at where those four performances would rank the Rams in the NFL heirarchy.

The Rams have allowed 13.25 PPG their last four games. The Seattle Seahawks have the best scoring defense in the NFL and they're giving up 17.3 PPG. The Rams are outperforming the Seahawks by 4 PPG.

It's a similar situation with yardage. The Rams are giving up 253 yards per game over the past four games. In terms of yardage, the Arizona Cardinals have the best defense (287.4 YPG). The Rams are outperforming the Cardinals by nearly 35 yards per game.

The Rams have been the best defense in the NFL the past four weeks - and it's not even close.

Did that settle in? Awesome.

The Rams are 1-3 in their past four contests.

The Offense

Why? Because they're averaging less than 10 PPG in that span (9.75). The worst scoring offense in the NFL is.... wait, that's the Rams (14.9 PPG). So the Rams are UNDERPERFORMING their own horrific offense by more than five points per game in this span.

In the yardage department, they've averaged 297.75 yards in those four games - which would rank next to last in the NFL. The Vikings rank 32nd at 293.8 YPG.

If the Rams could climb to 29th in PPG (the Houston Texans are Ranked 29th at 17.9 PPG), things would look much different than they do right now. The most points the Rams have given up over their last four game is 17 to the New York Giants in London. It stands to reason that if they could average 17.9 PPG over the past 4 weeks, the team could likely be 4-0 in that stretch and sitting at 7-3 overall.

Look at where that would put them in the NFC Playoff picture.

2016 NFC Playoff Standings - Week 11

Now I want you to really think about what I'm saying. The Rams don't need a good offense. Hell, they don't even need an average one. If they could just climb out of the bottom 3 in scoring, they'd be sitting pretty in the wild card picture right now.

But Jeff Fisher has never given us any indication that he's interested in fixing the offense. As fans we're left with him blaming the defense - which has to leave that unit feeling mighty salty.