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Week 11 Recap Reaction: Are You Not Entertained?

The Rams gave up 14 points in the last 4:02 of the game to lose 14-10.

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NFL: Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Rams
Rams celebrate the lone highlight, a Gurley TD.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. What a way to start a career for a nice, young lad like Jared Goff.

Gifted with a great defensive performance with minutes left in the fourth, the Los Angeles Rams nearly pitched a shutout with about four minutes left in the game. Oh, and then they ripped away his heart and told him the world sucks. You lose your first game Jared.

Todd Gurley finally had some running room and found his way into the end zone early. A Greg Zuerlein field goal got the Rams up two scores entering the fourth despite the dink and dunk gameplan for Goff’s first career start. Then, in SOSAR fashion, the defense could no longer bend, finally breaking and conceding a touchdown. Another minimal Rams offensive drive later with penalties and then the Miami Dolphins roared back with another touchdown. Even worse, the Rams only gained 227 yards but also committed 70 yards of accepted penalties. This is our favorite team in the league.

Goff didn’t make any amazing plays but also didn’t cost the game. I feel horrible for the Rams defense who played lights out until they finally broke with 4:02 left in the game. If the Rams could run a three-minute offense, the defense wouldn’t have to hear how they “collapsed”. The Rams absolutely should have won this game. They were up two scores with a shutout for the majority of the game. Losses like these are unforgivable but time after time again, this franchise seems to be gracious and forgiving.

May Jeff Fisher feel some serious thankfulness during this week, having never been close to true success. At least he tied a coaching legend this week!

Let’s Go Rams.

It’s no longer “fire Jeff Fisher” as I try be positive for the holidays.

Let Jeff Fisher walk.