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LA Rams 7, Miami Dolphins 0: 2nd Half Live Thread

Jared Goff’s NFL debut is set up to be Fisherball special.

Los Angeles Rams Vs. Miami Dolphins
Los Angeles Rams Vs. Miami Dolphins
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I said it in October. And I said it after the Los Angeles Rams’ win over the New York Jets.

Jared Goff was never going to come in and turn the Rams offense into a top 10 unit. The Rams aren’t a QB away, and the system is the system is the system.

That begin the case, Goff helped guide the Rams through 30 minutes of Fisherball that provided a familiar sight. Aggressive defense, reliable special teams and a low-scoring affair that will be decided more by the game’s final stretch than the early work.

Things started impressively. On the Rams’ second drive, a Tavon Austin scamper was helped by a huge facemask penalty on Kiko Alonso. That ultimately set up Todd Gurley’s best run of the year, a 24-yard TD run that leaned on some very, very impressive blocking.

The Rams’ defense settled in and the rest of the half was prime Fisherball. Physical runs on both sides, contained defensive structures and a very, very limited passing game especially for the Rams.

It was never going to be bombs away. It was always going to be Fisherball.

And up by a touchdown at the half, we’re well on the way for Goff to help guide the league’s most limited offense to a win if he can duplicate his first 30 minutes of NFL football to allow the defense and special teams to win this game.