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Miami Dolphins vs. Los Angeles Rams: 5 Rams to Watch

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My man EddieP already touched on key players from the Miami Dolphins. Let's take a look at key Rams players for Sunday's game.

QB Jared Goff

I won't waste any time beating around the bush. Jared Goff's debut is HUGE for the team and for NFL football in Los Angeles.

Let's be real. No one knows how Goff will fare against the Dolphins. 3k laid out different scenarios for Goff and that's about as much as any of us know.

One thing we do know is that this is going to be exciting and that it's going to be a big deal for the fans to see the future of the franchise lead the offense.

RB Todd Gurley

Suffice it to say that Gurley's sophmore campaign has been a disappointment thus far. The Dolphins are 30th in rushing defense and have allowed 7 rush TDs this season. However, their passing defense is good enough to chip additional resources from the secondary to rush D so Gurley will likely continue see stacked boxes this weekend.

He needs to build on the success he had late last week against the Jets in order to alleviate the pressure on Goff.

C Tim Barnes

Barnes struggled last week against the New York Jets Defensive front. This week will be no easier for him as he will be matched up with Dolphins DT Ndomukong Suh. Suh hasn't gotten as many headlines since he signed that massive contract with Miami, but he's still a mammoth of a man.

Suh has had his fair share of controversy in the NFL. Memo to Barnes: Please don't get Goff Killed.

DT Michael Brockers

In my opinion, Brockers is the most underrated player on the Rams defense. He quietly eats double teams and stuffs the Run next to Aaron Donald and Robert Quinn. He's the reason that those two can do what they do. Dolphins RB Jay Ajayi has been on a tear of late and Brockers will be the first line of defense for the Rams front 7.

K Greg Zuerlein

Fisherball doesn't allow for wide margins of victory. The Rams offense isn't going to drastically change because Goff is starting and I expect it to be another knock out, drag out game where special teams efficiency will be critical.

Legatron has been perfect in every game save one this season - and both of those misses were from 55 yards. It's not necessarily fair, but the Rams NEED perfection from Zuerlein to continue winning games.