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Rams QB Coach Chris Weinke Impressed with Jared Goff's Skill Set

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Harry How/Getty Images

With Jared Goff set to make his debut this weekend, the buzz surrounding him has understandably grown since Goff was named the starter on Wednesday. You can count Rams QB coach Chris Weinke among those who have been talking up Goff this week.

"His skill set is off the charts," he (Weinke) said of Goff. "I think it’s going to be fun to watch him grow and develop. Here’s his first opportunity."

For 10 weeks all we have heard of Goff's skills and development were worthless, throwaway comments from Jeff Fisher. Weinke's comments aren't much more elaborate, but it still gives us more than the "he will play when he's ready" comments we were getting from Fisher.

Obviously Goff's debut on Sunday will tell us more about how his skill set translates to the NFL, but hearing someone with expertise in the QB position heap praise on his skills is promising.