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Turf Show Radio — Eric Dickerson/Jared Goff Special

TSR interviews former Los Angeles Rams star RB Eric Dickerson as the 2016 Rams turn to QB Jared Goff in Week 11.

Lucio Ourique

Turf Show Radio returns with an all-new episode as Misone Adiasor (@MightyOrMisone) and Josh Webb (@FightOnTwist) chat with Los Angeles Rams legend Eric Dickerson (@EricDickerson). The NFL Hall of Fame running back joins TSR to talk about rookie QB Jared Goff’s appointment to the starting role and also gives his thoughts on RB Todd Gurley’s season and LT Greg Robinson’s future. Join the guys as they ask Dickerson how he sees the Rams’ current quarterback battle and his thoughts on Goff being drafted at the No. 1 overall position. Dickerson gives Turf Show Times an unfiltered look at the team through the lens of a former player.

Dickerson has joined the site twice before. Eric joined 3k once before in 2010 and spoke to Sean Wilkinson earlier this year to talk about the Rams’ return to Los Angeles and his thoughts on Gurley overall.

Also on this week's show: The guys break down Gurley’s performance in 2016 and analyze whether or not Robinson would be better served by a move to guard, more specifically a right guard. The guys also opine on the Rams’ chances to win with Goff under center (under shotgun?).